The Bryson Hotel
Solo Traveller Policy
The Bryson Hotel Solo Traveller Policy
At The Bryson Hotel, the safety and well-being of our guests, especially those journeying alone, are of utmost importance. Our Solo Traveller Policy has been meticulously devised to provide a secure and comforting environment for individual travellers, ensuring their peace of mind throughout their stay.

This policy is designed to meet the specific needs of solo travellers through personalised attention and thoughtful consideration. Please be advised that all provisions mentioned herein are available upon request and subject to availability.

Tailored Service
We are dedicated to offering a bespoke service for solo travellers. Recognising that each guest has distinct requirements, we aim to fulfil the unique needs of individual travellers, ensuring a safe and comfortable stay.

Safety Measures
The safety of solo travellers is paramount. To this end, we have implemented comprehensive measures to enhance their security and well-being during their stay:

  • • Ground Floor Room Allocation: To maximise safety, solo guests are generally not allocated rooms on the ground floor. Room assignments are based on availability and may be requested according to guest preferences.
  • • Strategic Room Allocation: Room allocations are made with careful consideration to minimise potential risks to solo guests. We aim to avoid assigning rooms at the ends of corridors or near fire exits. Guest preferences are accommodated based on availability and upon request.
  • • Transportation Assistance: We offer to arrange taxi services from the hotel entrance to ensure safe transportation for our guests.
  • • Discreet Check-In: Adhering to strict privacy protocols, we conduct check-ins discreetly, ensuring room details are not announced publicly to protect our guests' privacy.
  • • Confidentiality: The confidentiality of our solo guests' names and room numbers is strictly maintained, ensuring these details are not disclosed to third parties.
  • • Room Amenities: The safety of our guests is of paramount concern. Each room is equipped with a deadbolt lock, a secure door, and a personal safe box, offering an additional layer of security for belongings.
  • • Same-Sex Room Service: Subject to availability, we offer same-sex room service upon request, catering to our guests' preferences and enhancing their comfort and security.
  • • Emergency Assistance: Our reception team is available 24/7, ensuring immediate assistance is just a phone call away by dialling '0'. For added convenience, guests may also contact us via WhatsApp. Additionally, each bathroom is fitted with an emergency cord for swift access to assistance in urgent situations.

Our Solo Traveller Policy is rigorously crafted and regularly reviewed to comply with UK legal standards and remain effective in safeguarding our guests.

We are committed to delivering a safe and enjoyable experience for all our guests, and our Solo Traveller Policy is a testament to our dedication to hospitality excellence.

Should you have any queries or require specific arrangements regarding our Solo Traveller Policy, please do not hesitate to contact our reception team, available around the clock to assist you.